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Blessed by Puzzle Builders

Yesterday I wrote about Executive Function Disorder (EFD).  It felt very good to write about it, to help explain how my brain works (or doesn’t work on some days).  When I finished the piece and read over it, I felt lighter is some ways, but I felt heavier in others.  I am in a job with a lot of puzzle pieces that have to be pieced together to make many puzzles.  It can get very overwhelming sometimes.

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The Puzzle Pieces in My Brain


As an itinerant teacher turned educational consultant, I have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of professionals.  Some of the educators I worked with “got it” – they understood the uniqueness of kids and naturally made the necessary adaptations for their instruction to work for all of their students.  Some of those I worked with really wanted to “get it,” but they struggled to understand some of the decisions their students made.

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It’s the Little Things

This morning I was laying in bed, playing participating in Professional Development on Twitter.  I came across some posts tagged #ClassyGraphics, and I was hooked – and I wanted to learned more.  Following the conversation, I learned that  of Learning in Hand was doing an online course on using Google Drawings.  Unfortunately, I missed it!  Luckily, I saw that he will be offering it again.  And luckily, he has an amazing blog with videos and links and everything!

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