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It’s the Little Things

This morning I was laying in bed, playing participating in Professional Development on Twitter.  I came across some posts tagged #ClassyGraphics, and I was hooked – and I wanted to learned more.  Following the conversation, I learned that  of Learning in Hand was doing an online course on using Google Drawings.  Unfortunately, I missed it!  Luckily, I saw that he will be offering it again.  And luckily, he has an amazing blog with videos and links and everything!

That to do list for today that I already had in my mind suddenly got bumped down in priority.  After all, it would be more effective if I had a really cool to do list to put it on… (All you really fancy to do lists I have purchased – get back in the drawer!)

Time for learning!  

I worked my way through Tony’s blog and came across this amazing post – exactly what I needed!

I didn’t spend the hours that I was tempted to.  I did create some Goal notes and some To Do Notes.  When I went to print them off, I found I had every size sticky note out there, but no 3×3!  After digging in every teacher bag I own, I finally found ONE pad.



Now that I have some pretty sticky notes to write my goals and to dos on, maybe I can get down to the real work of today.  With a smile on my face :-).

Or maybe I should spend a few minutes first to make a template to match the other sticky notes I found – Just in case I need pretty notes of those sizes for my work!

One can be entertained so easily when one is a geek with ADD!



Lifelong learner, sharer of knowledge (whether you want to learn it or not)

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