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Blessed by Puzzle Builders

Yesterday I wrote about Executive Function Disorder (EFD).  It felt very good to write about it, to help explain how my brain works (or doesn’t work on some days).  When I finished the piece and read over it, I felt lighter is some ways, but I felt heavier in others.  I am in a job with a lot of puzzle pieces that have to be pieced together to make many puzzles.  It can get very overwhelming sometimes.

Some days I get very lucky, and the pieces just fall into place nicely.  Other days, not so much!

On the days that the puzzle pieces are not fitting nicely, I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends and colleagues who recognize when they need to step in and help me get started or give me the push I need to continue.

The puzzle pieces are different at home, but they are no less complex.  My husband and children seem to enjoy the challenge of helping me complete my puzzles, or at least they very patiently tolerate my fumbling!  They know when they can laugh with me at my struggles, and they know when they need to give me a hug instead.

As we get ready to start a new school year, I think about all of those bright-eyed children who are excited about school.  I can’t help but worry about the kids whose brains work like mine does.  Will they have teachers who “get it” and are willing to do what they need to make the year a success?  Will they have friends and adults at school and at home who help the pieces fit together?  I pray they are as blessed as I am!




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