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Assumptions I should learn not to make!

We are visiting our daughter in London this week, and I figured out very quickly that my prior experiences of life might have been helpful, if I had actually accessed them in my memory banks rather than assuming!   What I have learned from 2 days in London…

Fourth floor flat – this does not necessarily mean there will be an elevator! Lovely little flat, but holy moly, fourth floor means a lot of very steep steps! 

When maps says to turn down a street that doesn’t look like a street, pay closer attention! A lot of those alleys are actually streets – and short cuts!

1/2 mile walk does not necessarily equal 1/2 mile – especially if you ignore the alleys that are actually streets. 12,099 steps and 5 miles by noon! Wow! 

Going out in search of breakfast at 8:30 AM on a Saturday gets you nothing but grocery stores. When you just buy groceries and head home, all of the breakfast joints start opening – at 9am. 

Trying to pick up take away lunch at 11:30 to take home with you gets you nothing but breakfast foods. Back to the grocery store, and all the lunch places open at noon on the way home. 

Climbing 4 flights of steep stairs after walking 5 miles… I wonder if the pizza hut next door would let me lay down under their tables? 

Going to the local chippie for dinner requires more thought than should be assumed. How hard could it be to order fish and chips? Unless you know the difference between cod, haddock, plaice, skate, and a few other choices, it isn’t that hard! 

And back up the steps! 

I will either spend this week bored because I won’t leave the flat (not the steps again) or I will be very fit and toned from all of the walking – if somewhat lame from the blisters! 

At least the view is fabulous from the flat.



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