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The Difference a Week Makes

One week ago today I was packing for a road trip, with a car loaded with cleaning supplies, mostly finished quilts, and one Grandma and Aunt Susie.  Anxiety was high, and we pushed to get to our destination, driving long hours and working on quilts during hotel stops.

Now it is a week later. The quilts are done and delivered, and the look on two little girls’ faces were priceless. The car is empty of cleaning supplies and is now loaded with one bug bitten Grandma, one sunburned Aunt Susie, a snake, an axolotl, a rosemary plant, a sprouting avocado, and several orchids.  Muscles are sore, but anxiety is way down! It’s an acceptable trade. 

This week we were eaten alive by fleas, and smothered in SO many hugs and  kisses from twincesses.  We encountered huge spiders and caterpillars, as well as friends who offered to help however they could.  We hauled trash, but not as much as the amazing yard crew who saved us from many more trips and back breaking lifting.  We ate lots of take-out, some better than others, and we had an amazing meal (and excellent company) at a dear friend’s restaurant. And did I mention the hugs and kisses from the twincesses? 

So now we can take our time heading home, wandering down to Tampa to drop off the snake and meet the grand pup. We can travel back to Texas to set up a new tank for Fluffy the axolotl. And we can do it smiling and reminiscing about hugs and kisses and childhood joy. 

What a difference a week can make! 

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My Amazing DHH Team!

I work with some amazing people!  I am so blessed to have brilliant and talented people surrounding me at work every day.  They make me look good!

This week is an exciting one for me.  Our team is growing!  Tuesday we are adding a staff member who will focus on birth to three sensory impairments.  Then hopefully I will get the go ahead from HR to make an offer to another team member, this one focusing on school aged-stuff.

My hope is that by adding the additional staff, I might actually get half of my projects done this year that I have planned!  No pressure…



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Birthday Blessings for a Friend

Last year I was able to post a position for someone to help me with my online courses and web presence.  We had several applicants who were interested, and some of those had good technology skills and interpersonal skills.  One really stood out, having experience with websites, presentations, as well as event planning.  She even had completed an Interpreter Training Program and knew sign language and deaf culture – not a requirement of the job, but it was sprinkles on the frosting of a great cupcake!

This cupcake with frosting and fancy sprinkles was Miriam, and when she joined our Texas DHH team in September, it was obvious she was meant to be there.  She fit in to our Sensory Team so well, and we are constantly having to hide her skills from others at the Education Service Center who would try to steal her from us!

Today we celebrate Miriam’s birthday, and I am so very thankful she is a part of our lives.  I can’t imagine how I ever functioned without her!

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