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Mental Health First Aid

I’ve spent this week learning to be a Mental Health First Aid instructor.  Mental Health is such an area of need in the world of Deaf Education, and the resources for our students are limited.  When this opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to take it.   Continue reading “Mental Health First Aid”

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My Perfect PD Dream World

I’ve been blogging for a little over two weeks now, and already I am falling down on the job!  I could blame it on my ADD or my EFD, or I could blame it on my newest obsession – Digital Badging.  Let me back up a bit. Continue reading “My Perfect PD Dream World”

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It’s the Little Things

This morning I was laying in bed, playing participating in Professional Development on Twitter.  I came across some posts tagged #ClassyGraphics, and I was hooked – and I wanted to learned more.  Following the conversation, I learned that  of Learning in Hand was doing an online course on using Google Drawings.  Unfortunately, I missed it!  Luckily, I saw that he will be offering it again.  And luckily, he has an amazing blog with videos and links and everything!

Continue reading “It’s the Little Things”