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Blessed by Puzzle Builders

Yesterday I wrote about Executive Function Disorder (EFD).  It felt very good to write about it, to help explain how my brain works (or doesn’t work on some days).  When I finished the piece and read over it, I felt lighter is some ways, but I felt heavier in others.  I am in a job with a lot of puzzle pieces that have to be pieced together to make many puzzles.  It can get very overwhelming sometimes.

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The Puzzle Pieces in My Brain


As an itinerant teacher turned educational consultant, I have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of professionals.  Some of the educators I worked with “got it” – they understood the uniqueness of kids and naturally made the necessary adaptations for their instruction to work for all of their students.  Some of those I worked with really wanted to “get it,” but they struggled to understand some of the decisions their students made.

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It’s the Little Things

This morning I was laying in bed, playing participating in Professional Development on Twitter.  I came across some posts tagged #ClassyGraphics, and I was hooked – and I wanted to learned more.  Following the conversation, I learned that  of Learning in Hand was doing an online course on using Google Drawings.  Unfortunately, I missed it!  Luckily, I saw that he will be offering it again.  And luckily, he has an amazing blog with videos and links and everything!

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Birthday Blessings for a Friend

Last year I was able to post a position for someone to help me with my online courses and web presence.  We had several applicants who were interested, and some of those had good technology skills and interpersonal skills.  One really stood out, having experience with websites, presentations, as well as event planning.  She even had completed an Interpreter Training Program and knew sign language and deaf culture – not a requirement of the job, but it was sprinkles on the frosting of a great cupcake!

This cupcake with frosting and fancy sprinkles was Miriam, and when she joined our Texas DHH team in September, it was obvious she was meant to be there.  She fit in to our Sensory Team so well, and we are constantly having to hide her skills from others at the Education Service Center who would try to steal her from us!

Today we celebrate Miriam’s birthday, and I am so very thankful she is a part of our lives.  I can’t imagine how I ever functioned without her!

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