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Go to Sleep Hamsters!

Tonight I decided to try a novel idea – going to bed instead of working on projects until way too late!  I very proudly put away the project that has been my obsession for months. 

And instead, I laid in bed, thinking of all the projects I should have been working on instead! I am not sure how creating mental to do lists, thinking of items for the kanban board, and trying to prioritize in my brain was supposed to be more restful than cleaning up an online course that is so close to being finished. 

Hmmm, maybe I am going about this “time for bed” thing all wrong… maybe when I put away my laptop for the night, I should leave my brain in the living room as well. Then maybe the hamster wheel would stop turning. 

Or maybe I should just go back to my personalized professional development course creation. It was more restful than my current bedtime “resting”! 

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My Amazing DHH Team!

I work with some amazing people!  I am so blessed to have brilliant and talented people surrounding me at work every day.  They make me look good!

This week is an exciting one for me.  Our team is growing!  Tuesday we are adding a staff member who will focus on birth to three sensory impairments.  Then hopefully I will get the go ahead from HR to make an offer to another team member, this one focusing on school aged-stuff.

My hope is that by adding the additional staff, I might actually get half of my projects done this year that I have planned!  No pressure…



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The Illusion of Control

This morning as I write, I am heartbroken over some things going on around me that I can’t control.  I like control.  I like fixing things.  In my next life I am going to be a tube of Gorilla Glue!  Unfortunately I am living this life right now, and my Gorilla Glue is all dried up.

It is hard to watch from the outside, wanting to help, wanting to fix, knowing there is little that can be done.  Hugs and prayers are important, and I have lots of those to provide.  I just wish they were enough. They will have to be, because that is all I have.

My daughter told me recently that it really is not my responsibility to fix everything broken around me.  She is such a wise young woman.  If only she had shared how to get rid of the feeling that it is my responsibility!

To all of you in my life with your world shattering – either because of the weather or because of health issues or because of people you love who made bad choices – I send you lots of prayers and hugs, I offer you my shoulder to lean on and cry on, I give you my ears and eyes to listen.  And I will do my best to not try to fix things with my dried up tube of Gorilla Glue.


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While I was Gone…

I was out of the office all week, and I didn’t check my email or my phone messages the whole time. Yeah me! 

At least, I think that until I walk in at 8:30 this morning, see the 137 emails (not including the ListServ and bulk postings), and see the flashing phone with 12 new messages. 

Sigh – why do I do this to myself! 

I see the message saying my “stuff” has arrived and is in the warehouse, and the two empty cubicles in the next row, and in Miriam’s cubicle, and in Angie’s cubicle – oh and locked in the tech cage. 

Hmmm to answer emails and phone calls, or to play with the new equipment and books and stuff. 

I decide I will do what I am supposed to, and three hours later I have one email and one phone call down, 136 emails plus the 12 new ones that showed up this morning to go!  

Maybe I should have played with equipment and books instead…

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The Other 21st Century Skills: Educator Self-Assessment

I was looking for ideas for self-assessments for educators and came across this post. I love this idea!

User Generated Education

I’ve posted about The Other 21st Skills and Attributes.  This post provides links and resources about these skills as well as an educator self-assessment.  This assessment contains questions to assist the educator in evaluating if and how s/he is facilitating these skills and attributes in the learning environment. skills

21st century skills

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